Red River is 35 km away from Nis, Serbia, and is very well connected to the brand new Trans-European highway E-80 that connects Austria and Hungary with Belgrade, Nis, Pirot, Dimitrovgrad, Sofia, Istanbul and ends on the border with Iran. At this border, the highway joins with Asian Highway AH1 which continues all the way to Japan . The E-80 highway represents the most important connection between Western and Eastern Europe. The facility for rent has access to two additional important roads: road A4 going to Nis from Pirot, and a road leading  to the plantations. There is also an adjacent railway connecting Nis to Sofia. The industrial (side) rail could be introduced into the property.

Address: Bivša fabrika obuće, “VESNA”, 18313, Crvena Reka, Srbija


Red river serbia